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Foodbank project part 1 – Updated

I am trying to make a device for displaying an up-to-the-minute list of the foodbank’s most-needed items on the collection point in town. The idea is that the list of needed items can be updated either by email or by text message, meaning the foodbank can tweak it in real time. The warehouse manager assures me that lists published on social media have a real impact, so this project – situated on the actual collection bin, and updated very easily – promises to be very beneficial.

A side benefit is that it could also display a slideshow of upcoming events or sponsors’ logos. If sponsors can cover the hardware costs, all the better!

Obviously a small charity doesn’t really have an R&D budget, so I splashed out on a kit from Amazon. It ended in tears.

I plugged away for months, but it was uphill work, as the hardware documentation isn’t available in English. Sadly, I’ve been forced to conclude that the AZDelivery touchscreen kit is fundamentally flawed, and was a waste of money. I can’t afford to throw more cash at this, so I think the only way it’s going to move forward is if I can persuade the foodbank management to try to persuade a local business to sponsor the project. In these difficult times, I’m not optimistic.

Back to the drawing board…